(day 6) spn!au where jaejoong is a vampire who really doesn’t want to have anything to do with anyone until one day some noob hunter with bambi eyes busts into his nest and puts a bullet through his heart. jaejoong takes the bullet from his chest and crushes it between his fingers. “salt,” he says dryly, “very cute.” and the hunter just stands there like he doesn’t know what to do and finally blurts out, “you’re not going to kill me?” jaejoong frowns and tells him “no, why would i do that?” and when he asks the hunter for his name, the man hesitates, murmuring “yunho” before he turns to leave. ‘yunho’ jaejoong lets the name roll off his tongue and he thinks that’s a name he won’t be forgetting.


Yunjae au- Taking advantage of your patient

"He’s crazy, you know! Insane! A total nut-job, that one!" His coworker’s hands wooshing in the air were more interesting than his words. 

Yunho nodded as he continued to clock out and slip on his coat and hat as quickly as he could without seeming rude. “Of course.” Then with a sigh and a doctor’s smile, Yunho turned back to his rambling coworker. “But I got to say, he is the prettiest nut-job I’ve ever seen. And the best lay.”

dbsk tale roles; leader; mediator; guardian; warlock & beast.


Jaejoong au- werewolf: He wrote down that I was softer than anything he had touched, warmer even than the blankets we shared, and there was a loving loyalty packed in my eyes like crisp snowfall. But I was only half that what he described. I was two halves of two animals stuck together, glued by moonlight. He had fallen for one half- how could I ever hope to show him the other and still hold his heart?


Abandoned Aquariam in Kyoto



6am i haven’t slept.

a favorite

it’s 6am and Jaejoong hasn’t slept all day. It’s 6am and the voice that told him he would be home before night fall, don’t worry, not sounded like annoying ringing in his ear. 6am and he has his naked skin burning against the cold metal of his banister outside, nothing on his body but his boxers and a cigarette slowly ashing on his fingers. He hadn’t taken a drag in what felt like hours, but still it burnt, not meeting the skin holding it. What a pain he thought. Tilting his head onto the railing, his black fringe fell over his face. He huffed out a syllable of a name but it fell silent on the chilled wind. To high up to matter. He thought briefly of a hand touching his shoulder, a voice calling out their arrival home. Anything to break the icy quiet. But no. It’s 6am and everyone is dead asleep. Jaejoong desperately wanted to join them.


Yunjae au, fantasy, romance - My Honey Funny Bunny

“Jaejoong,” he whispered as gentle, silken to the touch fingers played his blushing cheeks like the keys of a piano. “What are you doing here?”

“I’ll tell you when I’m finished, Yunho,” the rabbit gasped into their joined lips. Yunho smiled into the kiss and he felt he other’s lips turn up in smirk of their own. He reached down to stroke his fingers over the plush fur of Jaejoong’s cotton tail, something he had been imagining doing through the entire day, and swallowed up the moan the bunny was not shy with letting out.

It was lust, it was a flicker of love, and it was a solidification that his running out of the woods wasn’t the end of a dream- but the start of a life altering turn to his rather pedestrian story.

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(au meme) yunho/jaejoong: red riding hood

Jaejoong lifted his sword just as the beast’s claws came crashing down. They caught on the sharp metal, his black fur ripping as he pushed his weight down, and Jaejoong winced as the wolf’s red blood ran down the blade to the handle. He pushed the wolf away with a harsh slash of his weapon and turned on his heals before he could recover. Sheathing his sword as he ran, the hunter reached over his shoulders and drew his twin crossbows from his back. He spun to face the beast with the weapons pointed mercilessly in his outstretched arms, but the monster was not there.

The hunter dropped to one knee as he scanned the snow covered ground for any sign of tracks. His floor length red cloak swept up in a chilly winter breeze. As it settled back down, the wolf stood a foot behind him, breathing hard and dripping ruby blood from his hands. It took a second for the hunter to hear the beast, and less to spin on his folded knee and re-aim his bows. Through the wild kick up of snow and his cloak, the crossbows fired on the wolf. The metal arrows sung in the air as they flew, one tore at the hair on the wolf’s chin as it flew by, while the other hit its target by lodging itself deep in the monster’s chest. The wolf reached for the arrow and found it dug in deeper than he could pull out. He threw his head back and let out a terrible howl of pain. Jaejoong watched as he loaded another arrow into one of his bows, but before he could raise it to the beast, the wolf was already barreling towards him with blood red anger in his eyes. He knocked at the hunters hand, and easily sent the heavy crossbow flying to the ground, then raked his claws across his chest. The ripping of his skin gave way to the sounds of his screams and the force of the scratch sent Jaejoong flying backwards three feet into the snow. 

The wolf wasted not a second in following the man. He loomed over the red cloak as it laid in a heap on the ground. The wolf barked out a nosily sound of laughter as he watched the cloak shake and shiver in the snow. He raised his clawed hand and relished the feeling of striking him down, but he wasn’t able to sink his nails into the soft flesh of the man. A single arm shot out from beneath the cloak and blocked the strike. A wolf’s arm, covered in reddish brown fur and rippling with anger. Snarling came from the hunter as he lifted himself from the ground, the cloak slipping off his transformed body, and revealed the red wolf as what he truly was. Shock was evident in the black wolf’s eyes. He tore his arm away and stepped back from the other as he stood up to his full height. 

The two wolves stood and watched the other, daring him to move, and flexing their razor sharp claws in their fists. Their muzzles twitched under the flexing of their vicious teeth, baring them in warning of a fight. In the glow of the snow their fur was wet and glistening almost as if with sweat. The black wolf boiled up a howl in his throat as they stared each other down. He let it rip from his throat as the loudest and most bone chilling howl of dominance Jaejoong had heard. The red wolf raised up his own chest and howled in return, a guttural, long, and clear bellowing call that only matched the other’s. When hearing that, the black wolf bit the ending of his call and snapped in Jaejoong direction. His eyes were bewildered and still shocked, but now an understanding shone in them that made Jaejoong worried he had shown his form at all.

Then the black wolf turned from the stare down and darted off into the snowfall. Jaejoong let the remainder of his howl coil from his muzzle until he couldn’t see the fur of the other in the distance. Something had happened, the hunter had made a bad move, and the prey knew it.


Yunjae au - The knight who fell in love with a bunnyboy

Under assignment to kill a rodent in the forest, it was unexpected for the knight to fall for his target. Yunho was a proud warrior armed with a razor sharp sword and a life of rigorous training. He was honorable and ruthless- but no match for the bunny with the pretty black eyes hiding behind his tree. 

Yunho sees a flash of cotton tail come out from a tree to his left. He spins on his heals only to find the bunny already looking down his pink nose at him. The knight jerks his sword through the air and lands it on the bunny’s neck, pressing it’s blade harshly into the delicate looking skin. With a flinch the bunny shows his startled nature, but he shakes it off with a pretty smirk. He lifts a hand to touch at the blade while eyeing the knight with enough intensity to make his cold cheeks blush.

"Is this thing even sharp?" The bunny asks as he feels along the metal shaft. His fingers poked at the tool before realizing it smoothness then wrapping them around it.

It was hard to talk so Yunho gulped softly. “It’s primarily used for stabbing, a rapier is.”

The bunny giggled at his backwards sentence. “You’re not stabbing me with the side of it are you?” his laughter was soft and his lips were a shade of pink that looked like a blooming flower.

"I could stab you very quickly," Yunho eyed him only half serious, "I was ordered to kill you, you know." The falter in the bunny’s smile made him regret saying why he was there.

"But you wont," his melodious voice giggled again. "Or, you know, I really wouldn’t like you too." The bunny wrapped his hand loosely around the sword and pulled it higher on his throat. Looking down, then looking back up, his glistening ebony eyes made the knight have to catch his breath. "Please don’t."

Then as the bunny let go of his hold on the sword, Yunho all to eagerly slid it from his ivory neck and back into his scabbard. 


Yunjae dance club au - Devil in the Night

Melting like ice, hissing like cats. The bass of the club pounds the floor Yunho walks on, making his uneven steps lead the university student towards the alluring siren’s call of the experienced Kim Jaejoong. A one night stand on all Hallow’s Eve, demons watching, witches cackling, makes for a lasting story.

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